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Ocean Fried Fish seafood chain

Nurtured within the depths of our Blue planet are some of the healthiest and nutrient-rich taste treasures. Seawater fish, freshwater fish and deep water shellfish all real treats for our dining tables. They can also maintain a perfect balance between delicacy and health.

AXYZ Meta Food Truck is a project by AXYZ Global Technology under the brand of the seafood chain, Ocean Fried Fish. We are presenting a healthier version of the rapidly spreading food truck culture in cities and towns across the globe. An easier way to promote seafood among the fast-food dishes being popularized among crowds of all ages. We are digitalizing the idea of food trucks using blockchain technology.

A step to bring existing food trucks under a single umbrella and introduce newer food trucks with a tech-rich system of management. The Meta Food Truck concept would also be making use of Metaverse and related technologies, wherein each truck is considered an NFT and all transactions through the truck would be done using tokens and cryptocurrency only.


We would be presenting a menu filled with various authentic seafood recipes from all corners of the world. From the classy Swordfish steak or Lobsters to the Shrimp Po’Boy, the OFF menu has everything for a full seafood meal.


We are building up a sustainable brand chain, being vocal for the local fishermen, who remain to the traditional, ocean-friendly fishing methods. Collecting the fresh haul from these traditional fisherfolk can also furnish us with the freshest fish daily.


The limited availability of seafood in many countries has led to the premium prices tagged to them in restaurants. Hence, they are mostly not opted for by ordinary people. Through our food trucks, we are bringing a change to this trend by offering seafood items at affordable prices for all.


All towns and cities around the world would be included in our project. From the streets of London to the streets in Nairobi, OFF- AXYZ Meta Food trucks would be finding their crowd of customers.


AAround 100,000 food trucks would be launched through our project, thereby offering a revenue-generating opportunity for several people.

The Trucks

Hot boxes, portable cold storage units, fryers, cleaning equipment and all necessary facilities would be made available inside the food trucks. We would be keeping it a mandate on the food truck owners to maintain world-class hygiene and to serve food and drinks in branded paper cups and paper plates, keeping a proper check on waste disposal, and more.