About Us

Axyz Global Technologies is one of the pioneers of a great Virtual Reality revolution our generation encounters. Parented by Axyz Ventures Pvt Ltd, a well established Architectural Design and Project Management company from India, we are looking to leave our signature in the global spectrum of futuristic technologies.

About us


Our team is highly experienced with individual identities in several related fields of development. We are envisioning a fully integrated virtual platform that will be the most advanced form of its kind. No transactions in this virtual platform would be bound by the limits of time or distance. Spreading our centres around the globe, we are in for an exciting ride into tomorrow… Axyz Global Technologies have opened our Dubai station and is proud to be collaborating with several prominent businesses in the country.

Dubai would be the centre of all our operations and the activity control ground of all metaverse related projects. Our functioning in Dubai will be in association with the well known, reputed business holders from the country. This is sure to bring a revolutionary addition to the futuristic technologies being implemented in Dubai. Team Axyz Global is consistently working to design and develop projects that will be unique, creative, and future-ready for the world to experience.

AXYZ Global technology is proud to be pioneering one of the biggest movements in technology, bringing the world together, bringing minds together!!.