With a collective effort from all industries like Hollywood, Bollywood, French, Chinese, Polish, etc this project would be opening thousands of business opportunities related to the field of cinema. Professionals from Hollywood, Bollywood, UK and Israel Film industries would be a part of this project, representing the global filmmaking community.

Universal Film Studio

Under Meta Filmcity, AXYZ Global Technology is introducing a Universal Film Studio with all necessary facilities required for the completion of a movie from production to distribution and release. Technicians, artists, musicians, scriptwriters, direction team, production team, distribution network, exhibition network, etc. can all be made available under one roof of Universal Film Studio by MFC. Moviemakers from all corners of the world can access this studio for the production, distribution and global release of their movie in any language, budget or genre.

Though all the facilities can be accessed through the Blockchain, it functions in a decentralized manner with smart contracts in place. For instance, the MFC studio will have all required technologies, units, a live-action movie floor, an Animation/VFX production house with artists, camera rigs, post production facilities, audio production facilities, VR production facilities, etc. which will be located in many regions around the world but decentralized in the Blockchain. While business/creative/ tech discussions related to movies may happen in Metaverse, the productions will be carried out in the real world making use of the facilities available from MFC.

Universal Film Market

A common market for films from industries around the world. Gatherings, networking, conferences, movie screening etc can be carried out in this Metaverse space of Universal Film Market under MFC. These activities can also be happening in the real world at different locations around the globe, within fixed intervals.

Meta Filmcity Award

A recognition for movies and makers deserving of appreciation and visibility based on their quality. This will be equal to the most prized awards in the movie world, like the Oscars or the Grammy awards. Here, the chances and opportunities will be widened for talents from all corners of the world, hence more popularity than the existing ones.