Invested Drivers

Invested Drivers: Anyone who wants to become a driver in AXYZ Meta Taxi can make a security investment in the company and temporarily own a car or rent a car as per preference. This will be a feasible business opportunity for the drivers to make a living by renting or owning a Meta Taxi.


All transactions related to Meta Taxi would be made only in Cryptocurrency.

Three features of Meta Taxi


CLASSIC TAXI RIDE : Customers can book a taxi using our customized application and ride to destinations by paying a fixed amount, which will be paid in crypto.


THE META DRIVE EXPERIENCE: This is a fully immersed Metaverse taxi experience for users from all parts of the world. A user from Dubai can experience the ever classic London Taxi ride, by staying in the comfort of their home. Similarly, there can even be MetaDrive rides to outer space, just for the fun of it.


RARE CAR META TAXI: AXYZ Meta Taxi collects rare and unique vintage cars and highly expensive luxury cars, offering a premium experience for our customers. This would be an experience to remember for a lifetime.