We would be providing the patents, copyright for new ideas, protected trademarks, authorization, etc to avoid any chance of error while working toward a strong image in the blockchain industry.

New ideas/ concepts and project names can be protected legally through this organization. BIPO can also be an authority to avoid any sort of scamming in this field.

How do we release
the patents and rights for a project?

Once an idea or a design is submitted to us, we will be analysing the data and documents attached to it. Proper background checks, document verifications, etc will be completed before releasing the patents and copyrights relating to the submitted project. This will be done with the help of lawyers, CPAs and other professionals experienced in blockchain, Crypto, NFT, etc.

We would only be accepting ideas/concepts submitted with proper proof of concept and documents supporting it. A thorough analysis would be carried out by our team of experts to avoid any form of malpractice.

Once everything is verified and confirmed, we will be authorizing and handing over the patent for the project to the concerned individual or company. We would also be releasing the copyrights for the idea and the name of the project submitted.

How to avoid scamming
in the blockchain industry?

Several types of scams are being run in the blockchain industry. Many investment teams lose their money and reputation by collaborating with these scammers.

With B.I.P.O, it is easily possible to avoid all kinds of scams since we would only be releasing authorization after proper background checks, proof of concept analysis, etc.

Besides, we have an open portal for the submission of ideas. This can be used to avoid the duplication of project ideas, project names, etc. It is also a way to ensure no project is being taken over by another team even after its submission.

The B.I.P.O Network
and Physical offices

We would be opening physical offices, in addition to the virtual presence through our portal. Initially, BIPO would be opening physical offices in the US, Dubai, India and Singapore.